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Jeff Behringer and Behringer Stone Company has been in the stone masonry, stone restoration, landscape improvement, and all other things stone business in the Raleigh, NC area for over 45 years. Whether your project is a short walkway, retaining wall, barbecue pit, or a towering chimney, there is no stone structure that or masonry project Jeff Behringer cannot build for you. >>> read more about Behringer Stone Company

Behringer Stone is the longest-running owner-operated stone masonry business in the Triangle area of North Carolina. The 35-plus years of commitment to providing top-quality stone masonry and construction has earned the company quite a reputation with local construction professionals and homeowners. Even if you have never contacted Jeff Behringer about adding stone to your own home or know someone who has, you have probably seen stonework in the Triangle that was done by Behringer Stone Company. >>> have a look at Jeff Behringer's work

Maintaining a stone masonry business for 37 years says a lot about the quality and professionalism of Behringer Stone Company. But there is still much to admire in the numerous individual stone projects completed over the years. Behringer Stone has developed new ways of laying stone, continues use new kinds of stone, and is always happy to create new and unique masonry projects requested by customers. >>> read more about projects and stone innovation

The beauty of stonework and masonry has been admired for centuries. No stone masonry company in the Triangle area appreciates the traditional aesthetic appeal of stone more than Behringer Stone Company, and noone is more eager to complete beautiful home improvements (and other projects) in stone. Feel free to contact Jeff Behringer directly via phone or email. If you would like to get a better idea of what stone enhancements can be done to your home, >>> please visit our gallery of styles and end products.

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